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Above: Watch Russ and Brent's audition
from Everyday Edisons

Russ Stanziale and Brent Anderson sat in a local bar sharing a plate of chicken wings. They knew that there had to be a better way of serving chicken wings, one that didn’t leave the entire table staring at disgusting piles of gnawed bones. Before the meal was completed, they sketched out the concept for what has now become known as the SnacDaddy. Russ and Brent both had backgrounds in marketing, but neither one of them felt like they had the time to fully develop and bring to market their brainchild approach to solving the "bone problem." When they heard about the auditions for Everyday Edisons, they jumped at the chance to show off their idea.

Russ and Brent live in Atlanta, Georgia where they concentrate most of their free time on their families. They both have high hopes for the SnacDaddy and know that the remarkably high percentage of Americans that dine regularly on wings presents an extraordinary opportunity. "My kids get a kick out of it," says, Russ. "They are scrambling to come up with inventions of their own."

Brent has already made plans to build a fountain in his backyard shaped exactly like the SnacDaddy. "I’m going to drain it once a year and have a giant chicken wing party. I can’t get enough of those things."

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