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CluckBucket Reviews SnacDaddy

About the SnacDaddy

The SnacDaddy is a wing lovers best friend. While at first I must admit that I was very skeptical that this wing tray could perform, now that I've used it I'm completely sold! The tray is about a foot in diameter and has slots to hold about 18 wings (but you can probably pile about 30 wings if you don't mind stacking them a little bit). But the coolest part of the tray is the hole in the middle. You can start by putting a ramekin of blue cheese in the hole for presentation, but then once you pull the ramekin out you've got a secret compartment for storing your nasty bone yard. For me concealing the bone yard is definitely a luxury, not a necessity, but I have to admit it is a very cool feature. What impressed me the most is how many bones you could fit into the SnacDaddy's bone yard, when we used it we were able to fill the tray with wings four times before we had to clear out the bone yard.

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