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SnacDaddy makes the TopDrawer list in the Raleigh N&O

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Price $14.99 (available in black)

*Orderly Wings.

What it does: Helps organize wings, shrimp and other snacks for serving.
How it makes your life easier: The SnacDaddy is an all-in-one circular serving bowl that neatly organizes up to 35 chicken wings or appetizers such as fruit, shrimp, cheese and more.  Wings or shrimp rest in the plastic slats for easy display and gripping.  When done, diners have the option of dropping and hiding the bones or tails in the server's center well.  This may not be appealing in an elegant party setting, but it would come in handy for testosterone-fueled game viewing, cookouts or tailgating, where time crunches and other revelry take priority over etiquette.  (We're thinking Super Bowl here.)  The center well can also be used to prop up dip containers.  Take the top off the server to discard bones and wash the containers.
Who would use it: Tailgaters, singles, bachelors, college students and restaurants.
Where to get it: www.SnacDaddy.com

*means we love it

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